I am a painter who finds myself working in stone. I have a hard time explaining how this came about except to say; "I followed the elusive dictates of my Muse." It is the only way I know to be true to my creative process. I'm doing surface applications to the rock while leaving the natural shape untouched. The rocks are then stacked into simple Cairns, one of the oldest forms of artistic expression. The patterning is often carved in relief and is frequently gilded. I have utilized patterns ranging from antique wallpaper to contemporary tribal tattoos to the phenomena of crop circles for my inspiration. The underlying theme that unites all these patterns is their temporary nature. I grab for the ephemeral moment, the climbing vine that lasts for a season, the flower that blooms for a day, the fallen leaves blown by the wind for an instant, and I attempt to capture these moments for all time in stone. My sculptures and custom carving are meant to grace the home or the garden as easily as a gallery or museum. My work is been featured in numerous shows and galleries in the Midwest.


As a painter and jewelry artist, I focus on the color, texture, and character of the natural materials that are the heart and soul of my work. My jewelry is crafted of Lake Superior beach stones and beads; the stones are drilled, banded, or carved; then polished and crafted into one-of-a-kind necklaces. My paintings are mixed media on carved wood panels, with shattered glass and other objects added into the finished surfaces. They are non-representational; texture, color, and simple forms are paired with titles that suggest, but do not impose, the themes that are carried by the look and feel of the piece. My interest in used or abused materials is central to my work. It is an expression both of the life and beauty that exists in the ordinary, and of notions of reclamation and rebirth. Combined and embellished with the rich texture of paint and the sparkle of shattered glass, destruction and decay is transformed into beauty and triumph.
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